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The Art to my Nice


I have my own way of doing things, so I’d like you to keep your tosses consistent.  You’re not the only one thinking.

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I have to find him soon.

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☆ Oikawa Tooru - Aoba Johsai’s Great Setter 

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Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji ()

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i’m not huge on nice x hajime (just look at my theme) but could y’all keep the hate out of the main hamatora tags? i mean, some ships have flaws and the scene in ep. 9 might have been executed poorly, but there are people who care about it and it’s never a good feeling to see your ships getting criticized in the main tags

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All of the stars lyrics + Shizume

Happy Birthday, my dear Miuna

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We’ll aim for an Oscar.
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Free! Boys with their… lemons. (trans credit)

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